NENOHI 1L8 Golden flakes of sake wine

Tại TGHN: 890,000 

Giá thị trường: 1,180,000 

Tiết kiệm: 290,000  -24.6%

  • Made in Japan
    Product code: 4902856611002
    Capacity/ weight: 1.8L
    Concentration: (%): 15%
  • Giao hàng
    Giao hàng
    Miễn phí giao hàng nội thành Tp. HCM
  • Sản phẩm
    Sản phẩm
    Cam kết chính hãng 100%
    Phát hiện hàng giả đền 200%
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    Đổi trả
    Đổi mới trong vong 30 ngày
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Chia sẻ


  • Made in Japan
    Product code: 4902856611002
    Capacity/ weight: 1.8L
    Concentration: (%): 15%
    Storage: Room temperature or cool 5-10oC
    Ingredients: Rice (domestic), Koji rice (domestic rice), wine yeast, sheet gold.
    According to traditional oriental medicine, gold has a bitter taste, a peaceful and useful mind, sedative and detoxification. In ancient medicine, the draft outline, Ly Thoi Tran, a Chinese doctor (China), called Gold “the crown prince” and “Hoang nha” and wrote that: “Net gold is refined into thin scales used to treat neurological diseases and limit the growth of bacteria”. The book “Nam Duoc Than Hieu” of the famous doctor Tue Tinh also writes: “Pure metal – Pure gold of spicy, peaceful, slightly poisonous, bloody, mindful, and safe active, except for heat and leprosy. In China, physicians have long used Natural Gold to treat seizures, madness, heart palpitations and arrhythmias. Use in drinking, then puree into powder, for external use, puree into powder to apply.
    User manual:
    Nenohi Sake can be drunk when cold, warm or hot, depending on the weather and type of sake. Usually when winter, people drink hot sake. To heat sake, you should transfer the sake to the ceramic bottles, then soak the bottles in boiling water. However, the researchers recommend that, the temperature of 12oC ~ room temperature is the best temperature to enjoy the great taste of sake, because the original Sake has an outstanding aroma, the more intense the aroma is when warm up, may overwhelm the scent of other foods.
    when enjoying Sake, you should choose the type of glass (glass size, shape,…) suitable to feel the unique taste of Sake. For examble: If you use a cup with a narrow cup diameter, Sake will focus on the tip of your tongue, enabling you to feel the sweetness of this wine.
    If a cup with a wide mouth is used, then Sake will spread across the tongue, some will touch the hip and tongue, making you feel the sourness of the wine.
    The bigger the cup, the better the scent is above the wine, but it will smell more alcohol.


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